Welcome to the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System Pre-Registration site!

Note: Pre-registration should be completed for any of the following:

  • K-12 students attending a CMCSS school for the first time;

  • current K-12 CMCSS students changing school zones; or

  • previous K-12 CMCSS students transferring back into the district.

  • If your student is staying at the same school, advancing to middle school, or advancing to high school, but not changing school zones, you do not need to complete the pre-registration process.

    Please follow the steps below to get started...

    1. Fill out the online Pre-Registration forms

      On the next few pages, you can enter the information required for your child's pre-registration. This will include basic information about your child, contact information for parents/guardians, emergency contact information, and transportation information.

    2. Bring required documents to the school

      Depending on what grade your child will be entering, the school will require certain documents to complete the Registration process. Please visit our district site for specific information.

    3. Have a great school year!

      We look forward to engaging parents and students to help each child reach their potential. After completing the online Pre-Registration forms, you will have the opportunity to visit our Parent Engagement page. This site will help get you set up with PowerSchool, show you how to stay connected with your child's school, and inform you about our many volunteer opportunites.